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June 26, 2009


Kristin L


I have to admit I smiled when I read your blog and saw my "confession" made it to print! I am Kristin from Portland and happy to report that my husband harbors no hard feelings from my lure. I have been a HUGE glassy baby fan for more than 5 years and HAD to make it to first seconds sale one way or another. Not only did he see a great game (Mariners won!) but he also admitted the new glassy babys look great. I'm pretty sure he is also thrilled that the seconds came at a nice savings.

Thanks for the gift of glassy baby!


Thank you so much for posting my tips and saying such sweet things. Its easy to be an evangelist when you have such a great thing going.
The URL was missing the typepad - jamieofalltrades.typepad.com. The other site is someone elses.
Congrats on another successful seconds sales!

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