the glassybaby family's #12colorsofchristmas

we know, we know: with so many colors to choose from, it's hard to pick the perfect glassybaby.

well, our glassybaby family is here to help, by sharing with you our "12 colors of christmas." that means that every day between now and christmas, one member of our glassybaby family will introduce their favorite color, here on our blog. maybe it will help you choose your next beautiful gift.

vibrant, beautiful, and nearly impossible to make.

John Leggott's passion is palpable. he has gone through a lot to make the perfect red glass. it took he and his company, gaffer glass, 5 years to perfect the recipe, and yet the process is so meticulous and precise that it only comes out right half the time. “it’s almost impossible, and it doesn’t get easier,” says Mr. Leggott.

transformative heart healing for kids

the candle drifted on the surface of the pool, flame flickering, rippling wake behind, as it moved across the whole length of the swimming pool. then it floated there, right in front of the boy. he stood up and brought the candle back to the far side of the pool, then sat back down. again, the candle floated with unnatural speed back to his side...

From Haight-Ashbury to the Hub

The Free Clinic’s hallmark has always been its willingness to serve anyone, without ever passing judgment. This has proven extremely helpful for vulnerable patients, many of whom feel stigmatized by mainstream society, and therefore reluctant to seek help.