the glassybaby family's #12colorsofchristmas

the glassybaby family's #12colorsofchristmas

we know, we know: with so many colors to choose from, it's hard to pick the perfect glassybaby.

well, our glassybaby #family is here to help, by sharing with you our "12 colors of christmas." that means that every day between now and christmas, one member of our internal glassybaby family will introduce their favorite color, here on our blog. first up is JP:

#12colorsofchristmas day one: JP Liddle
title: VP of Partnership Development
favorite glassybaby: 'awesome ain't easy'
reason: It’s a classic glassybaby color that supports an incredible foundation called Team Gleason, which helps people with ALS live full, independent lives.

meet 'awesome ain't easy'


day 2: Tater Tot

role at glassybaby: I run security at glassybaby. As soon as I walk in, my human takes off my leash and I get straight to work. I make sure to sniff out any new scents. Then, I run up & down the same hallway over and over to make sure it is extra safe. Finally, I continue my watch from my human's lap, occasionally giving the hallways another patrol.

favorite glassybaby color: 'friendship'

why this is my favorite glassybaby: When I am not working I love to go on walks and make new friends. Those friendships are my favorite, friendships that give back. At glassybaby friendship gives to san francisco's SPCA . Did you know it is on of our nation's oldest animal rescue? I may look like a pup but in my twelve human years, I have been rescued twice. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the obvious. I am "man's best friend!"

meet 'friendship'


day three: Vicki Fredman

role: queen of madrona or simply the madrona store manager

favorite glassybaby: red licorice

reason: this super-saturated deep red, reminds me every day of my favorite holiday- Christmas. because creating such a brilliant red is so difficult, it makes it that more special to me, knowing it truly is a labor of love to make. and finally, it is a huge giver to oncology nursing.

('red licorice' was a limited edition color that quickly sold out...)


day four: Abbie Webb
role at glassybaby: partnership account manager. I talk to nonprofits to share the ways we can partner and support them through glassybaby. 
favorite glassybaby color: 'jane's caramel' 

reason: jane's is so understated, but when lit, the flame transforms, showing off its true inner beauty. there is nothing like it. i just can't resist an extra-stripey 'jane's caramel.'

meet 'jane's caramel'

aaron hawkfetti.jpg

day five: Aaron Coughlin

role at glassybaby: digital marketing director
favorite glassybaby color: 'hawkfetti'
reason: As a diehard “12,” I have to give love to 'hawkfetti' for the 12 days of Christmas! 

meet 'hawkfetti'

day six: Kaitlin Stevens

role at glassybaby: quality control manager, berkeley hot shop

favorite glassybaby color: 'lucky penny'

reason: at the moment, lucky penny is my favorite color. knowing how much thought the r&d team put into designing this piece makes it extra special. this is a color you won’t see anywhere else since we make the color bar in house. coming from a background in the glass world, seeing something brand new and completely unique is really fun.

meet 'lucky penny'


day seven: Guy Farris

role at glassybaby: national road show director

favorite glassybaby color: 'aquamarine'

reason: I grew up at the beach in southern california and love being near the water and hearing the waves crash. It's soothing and comforting to me. So, when I yearn for the ocean of my youth, I light my aquamarine.

meet 'aquamarine'


day eight: Taylor Paddock

role at glassybaby: customer service manager

favorite glassybaby color: 'ocean'

reason: it was the first glassybaby i got and all the blue glassybaby are my favorite.

meet 'ocean'

day nine: Kelly Storum

ole: supervisor at glassybaby stanford
avorite glassybaby color: 'master of the universe'
i love the exotics- all of them! but if I had to pick one, it's 'master of the universe,' because it makes me feel empowered, I like how this beautiful votive and its sentiment might instill that feeling in others.

meet 'master of the universe'


day ten: James

role at glassybaby: Berkeley warehouse transfer specialist

favorite glassybaby color: 'wise'

reason: because of the wispy, dark dream state of the color.

meet 'wise'


day eleven: Alex Ford
role at glassybaby: glassblower (trimmer)
favorite glassybaby color: 'doggie paddle'

reason: because it donates to help train rescue dogs as service animals for veterans.

meet 'doggie paddle'


day twelve: mericos rhodes

roles at glassybaby: marketing writer

favorite glassybaby color: 'kindness'

reason: simple, classic, timeless, just like its namesake. i love its subtle glow, which shows you a little flickering flame, but not the candle itself. to me, it's perfect and versatile.

meet 'kindness'

so there you have it. 12 incredible favorite colors from 12 amazing glassybaby #family members. what's your favorite? post on facebook or instagram and tag #glassybaby to let us know.

happy holidays.



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