how to give a baby grant

how to give a baby grant

want to direct a $3,000 grant to the non-profit of your choice? here's how:


step 1. 

post a picture of a lit glassybaby to facebook or instagram, and nominate a deserving nonprofit. in your post, tell us (in 100 words or less) why the non-profit you’re nominating deserves a little more light. make sure to tag your post with #glassybabygrants.

step 2.

glassybaby will review all nominations and select the top-three posts based on likes each month. the top-three will each receive a glassybaby grant. first place will receive $3,000, second place will receive $2,000, and third place will earn $1,000 towards its cause.

all you need to do to nominate an organization is: tag a friend in a post, and propose.


some notes:

proposals should be 150 words or less, and should describe:

– how the organization’s work furthers our giving mission,

– an example of the organization’s impact, and

– your own relationship to the organization.

- if you are not on social media, then you and the receiver of the glassybaby gift may send your proposal in an email to three of your friends, as well as and your grant proposals will be considered eligible.

we will post your proposal on our facebook page.

– you may submit a proposal every month, provided that you follow both steps each month.

– glassybaby may post any and all proposals submitted, in any capacity, for any purpose. 

– email with questions or suggestions.

(this is currently an experiment, we are open to any suggestions about the instructions or process)

“the best I’ve ever been”

“the best I’ve ever been”

picking berries and glass for families

picking berries and glass for families