for the love of the earth

for the love of the earth

an 8 minute read about our conservation partners changing the world for good. 

although earth day is marked on our calendars once a year, we like to think of it as every day. living in celebration and gratitude -- because it's not a question about if we will react to saving the earth, but how.

the queen of england has banned plastic from the royal estates. 

china is enlisting 60,000 soldiers to plant trees in war against air pollution.

adidas sold 1 million pairs of shoes made of ocean trash in 2017.

chile experienced the worst wildfires in their history -- more than 1.4 million acres were affected in 2017. 

outfitted with backpacks loaded with seeds, border collies das, summer and olivia scampered through acres of land-- restoring a valuable, powerful ecosystem, just by being themselves. 

Olivia, Summer and Das in the woods on a non-working day. (Photo: Francisca Torres)

Olivia, Summer and Das in the woods on a non-working day. (Photo: Francisca Torres)

among these crusaders, we want to celebrate four of our conservation partners who are changing the world


photo by Robbie labanoswki 

photo by Robbie labanoswki 

Save The Elephants

Kenya, Africa

 we have donated: $24,653.27

elephant expert and zoologist iain douglas-hamilton was the first man on the planet to study elephant behavior. he was only 23.  in 1993, he founded save the elephants.

save the elephants conducts research of the ecology and behavior of wild elephants, providing insights into the challenges they face to provide solutions for a harmonious future between elephants and humans. 

through the purchases of ‘tembo,’ you helped fund a new bush plane for Save the Elephants.

the bush plane will help pioneer a new era in wildlife aerial patrols, wildlife surveys, and protecting the elephants of northern kenya.  

tembo brother, tembo muse, tembo elephant

tembo brother, tembo muse, tembo elephant

photo by Richard Miller at Tsavo Trust

photo by Richard Miller at Tsavo Trust


Yosemite Conservancy 

Yosemite, California 

we have donated: $10,817.61

snow is life in yosemite national park.  during the drought from 2012-2015, glacial melt contributed up to 90% of the flow through tuolumne meadows.

the glaciers are melting rapidly, and two of the glaciers could be gone in the next 10-20 years.  scientist's research at yosemite conservancy is more important now than ever.

since 2016, glassybaby has donated to help scientists explore water, snowpack and climate change in yosemite. results from the studies will help the park prepare for changing environmental conditions.


Conservation International

Arlington, Virginia

we have donated: $1.2 million

from governments to remote villages, Conservation International works at every level to find solutions and implement sustainable practices.  since 1987, CI has worked to protect 1.5 billion acres of landscapes and seascapes around the world.  that is equivalent to two-thirds of the united states. 

a few of CI's 2017 accomplishments:

discovered 6 new marine species

within 24 hours, an atoll was declared a marine protected area.

began the largest tropical forest restoration project in the world--

pledging an effort to restore 73 million trees in the Brazilian Amazon

safeguarded 601 million hectares of land, marine, and coastal areas.


Waterkeepers Chesapeake

Takoma Park, Maryland  

we have donated: $12,878.59

rivers are living, breathing, flowing water ways all over our planet, and they are under threat.

Waterkeepers Chesapeake is a voice for the rivers. "if it's bad for the rivers, we are against it. we are advocates on every level," from restoration and public education to policies and law suits against polluters.

10% from the sale of each 'chesapeake' are donated to the glassybaby white light fund in further support of waterkeepers chesapeake to help protect rivers and support clean water.



feeling inspired by these crusaders? 

here are some tips on how to live earth day everyday. 

bad stat: 

most plastic is used once. studies say that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans. 

good act:

avoid single-use plastics by investing in your own water bottle, reusable coffee cup, and reusable produce bags. 

explore how to give to animals and the environment through glassybaby.

photo from conservation international 

photo from conservation international 

amazing james

amazing james

giving hope wings

giving hope wings