a pour for 'papa'

a pour for 'papa'

What's special about your 'papa'? 

Dad: it's a universal name, yet has different meanings for everyone. 

A role model, a guide, a superhero. A comforting hug, pat on the back, a knowing look. Each dad or father-role model has his own way of showing love and care.

Similarly, each 'papa' drinker has a varying way of speaking to you.  

Made from the same color bar as 'hudson' glassybaby, this drinker can vary dramatically. From a dark and stormy look of green and brown, to a bright, cheerful blue and green, 'papa' plays and looks all the roles. 


A background on drinkers:

'papa' was one of our first drinkers ever made.

Drinkers are the only other product we make outside of votives. 

Created in 2004 to give the people what they want: many people in the glassybaby family were using votives as drinking glasses...But the heavy weight did not make them ideal drinking glasses- and glassybaby are meant for glowing light.  

So, we created a beautiful solution. 

Similar to glassybaby votives, drinkers are made by eight hands in the two Seattle and Berkeley hot-shops. They take roughly the same amount of time to make as glassybaby votives. 

Uniquely: they have their own special mold. Their delicacy requires a special team of 6 glassblowers.  Each drinker requires a lot less glass, and they cool down more quickly in the creation process.

Many companies that have this particular, delicate shape of glass machine-make the product.  The thin lip and shape that perfectly fits in your palm is unique and intricate.


Sharing from hand to hand is a personal process that we cherish.  While you may never meet the glassblower that handmade your drinker just for you, you feel the unique creative process as you clutch, clink, and sip. 

So, this one's for you, papa. 


If you want to see a party trick: drop a tea-light in ‘hudson’ — a close cousin of ‘papa.’ [hint: the flame turns red.]  

the glassroots tour

the glassroots tour

the glassybaby white light fund donates $223,400 to 13 nonprofits across the country

the glassybaby white light fund donates $223,400 to 13 nonprofits across the country